Time to Rally

Make the call

Make the calls

The plastics industry’s pressure and the chaos that passes for the California legislature is making passage of AB 2058 an uphill battle. The deadline to get the bag bill out of the Appropriations Committee has come and gone, but there is still a chance to resuscitate the bill from the dreaded state of suspended animation called “suspense”.

Pull out all the sports clichés. We are in the home stretch in the bottom of the ninth and we just passed the two-minute warning. To pull this off, everyone needs to pitch in.

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Evil Incarnate

UPDATE – July 23, 2009: In response to a proposed plastic bag fee in Seattle, the American Chemistry Council has invested more than $1 million dollars in opposition, the largest amount that an industry has ever spent on an initiative in the city. The election is August 18, 2009.

I have seen and heard pure evil, and it resides at http://www.stopthebagtax.com/ . Those long time bastions of environmental protection, the American Chemistry Council and the California Film Extruders and Converters Association, have ponied up big time for a website and widespread radio campaign in the time honored tradition of the Homeland Security Council’s orange alert.  When the going gets tough, scare the living hell out of the public to get them on your side.

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Bagging a Big Win

The Los Angeles City Council, spearheaded by Councilmembers Ed Reyes and Greig Smith, today unanimously approved a staff recommendation to adopt a citywide plastic bag ban by 2010 — if the state doesn’t enact a 25-cent per-bag fee by then. It also voted to support a Styrofoam ban on city property, including LAX, and at city-sponsored events. Councilmembers Richard Alarcón and Janice Hahn led the charge to move up the bag ban deadline two years, to 2010.

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