Back-to-Back Jacks

"Modern Family" and MLB hit it out of the park Wednesday night.

Last night, I enjoyed an amazing half hour of TV after our Rosh Hashanah dinner. Yes, I’ll have something else to atone for a week from Saturday, but it was worth it.

Watching Red Sox Nation and the tomahawk-chopping, unPC  Braves complete some of the most epic tank jobs in baseball history within minutes of each other was almost more joy than I could stand. The fact that the longshot Rays came back from a 7-0 deficit to win in extras (including a two-out bomb in the ninth to tie the Yanks) made the night’s drama even more incredible.

But the greatest serendipity of the night came after my wife and daughter kicked me off ESPN to feed their addiction to “Modern Family.” As usual, the writers embedded parallel and goofy plotlines in the 22-minute episode. The rewarding twist came when the starving couple of Cam and Mitchell went to a fundraiser at the Malibu beach house of Mitchell’s boss.

The fundraiser resembled a Heal the Bay event (half-a-second cameo by our HtB poster), with the boss regaling the crowd of a paddleboard experience gone awry. The boss tried to save a sea lion named Snorkels that was choking to death on a single-use plastic bag. Alas, the rescue attempt failed and poor Snorkels was never to be seen again.

Epic Red Sox and Braves failures followed by America’s most-awarded comedy trashing plastic bags. No offense to Stewart and Colbert, but you can’t get a better TV half hour than that.

I wonder if the American Chemistry Council or the plastic bag manufacturers will sue Disney for the “Modern Family” episode.

Only time will tell, but what a great way to start off the New Year! 

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