Crunch Time for AB 1998

We’re rounding third and headed for home. After pulling out all the stops (and clichés) by “trashing our friends” and sharing the joys of the natural history of “The Majestic Plastic Bag” (200,000 views and counting of the Jeremy Irons voiceover homage to Attenborough), AB 1998 needs 21 votes in the Senate to pass. A simple majority.

With the measure having the support of the California Grocers Assn., the grocers union, numerous counties and cities and the entire environmental community, you would think that the days of the plastic bag would be numbered. Unfortunately, like those Damn Yankees, never count out the American Chemistry Council: the evil empire of the lobbying world.

In a new low of cynicism, the ACC is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars opposing AB 1998 through a cynical multimedia campaign. Check out the 30- second blast that’s been polluting the Sacramento airwaves! That puts Hannity’s ravings to shame!

More clichés: It is crunch time. We’ve come this far in our quest to ban the scourge of the seas.  Let’s close the deal.  We need your help! I implore you to call your local state Senator and urge them to support AB 1998. The vote is this week, so there’s no time to waste, not even a moment to spare.

Don’t let the polluters buy their way out of yet another environmental regulation.  Enough is enough.  Call your state senator now!


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