Fish Fight

Jonathan Gold's diet would put a mako's to shame.

My brother Jonathan Gold, the food writer, will moderate a panel Wednesday night on sustainable seafood at the Skirball Center.  Zocalo is putting on the free event.  The other panelists will be renowned seafood chef Michael Cimarusti, from Providence, and Logan Kock, the chief buyer and seafood encyclopedia from Santa Monica Seafood.  Michael and Logan are two of the most knowledgeable people in the field of sustainable seafood, and definitely a heck of a lot more informed on the issues than the Gold Brothers.  But my focus will be on the moderator.

This will be our first public dust-up on seafood issues since our whale wars over a year ago.  Jonathan has the advantage.  This is definitely a foodie audience and, as moderator, he has control of the mike.  I still have a fighter’s chance because the topic is sustainable seafood and Jonathan may not have been in an ocean since his high school days.

My bet is that the debate will go the KCRW route and be highly intellectual and thought provoking, with little blood in the water.  Expect discussions on the future of commercial, wild-caught seafood, the impacts of the BP oil disaster of the future of Gulf seafood,  the sustainability of farm-raised salmon, eating low on the food web, and the value of Marine Protected Areas for improving commercial fishing stocks.

Personally, I’m eager to add a little excitement to the proceedings with some discussions on Jonathan’s not-so-sustainable food choices.  I’m no vegan, but some of the animals that have passed through his gullet would give a mako shark pause, let alone an environmental scientist like me.  As I’ve often said, Jonathan eats everything I try to protect.  It definitely makes for some interesting dinnertime discussions.

To have some insight into life in the Gold family, come to the event Wednesday night.  Make sure you RSVP on the Zocalo website.  I can guarantee that you won’t be bored, and you might learn something important from Logan and Michael too!


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  1. I’ve been looking forward to the talk tonight. I enjoyed the Zocalo talk about Gourmet magazine (also w/ Jonathan), but it was more of a love-fest. Hope to see a cordial but heated intellectual debate on this important topic.

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