A Slick Ad

The Washington Post published an eye-opening ad today that implores the public to stop the Obama administration from allowing oil exploration in the Beaufort and Chuchki Seas.  Environmental groups including the Sierra Club, NRDC, NWF, Oceana, WWF and Pew paid for the ad.

I’m proud to say that my brother Josh, a long time ad man, wrote the copy. As a lifetime surfer, he had to include a surf report. And he added the typical Gold touch of sarcasm, important for any story, from food to polluted beaches.

The ad got it right. If the oil industry and the nation are practically helpless dealing with an oil spill in a heavily populated region of the country, how could they possibly manage a spill in the Arctic?  The seas are too rough.  The temperatures are too cold.  There’s no daylight for half the year.  And there just aren’t any people, let alone Coast Guard resources or infrastructure, to undertake a massive cleanup. Deployment of oil absorbent material will be limited to seal fur and seabird feathers.

Shell Oil shouldn’t be allowed to start exploration in the region because exploration inevitably leads to extraction, and too often, exploitation.

Make the call. 202-456-1414.

Tell President Obama to stop oil drilling in the Arctic this summer.  With the environmental disaster in the Gulf, the days of gambling with the ecological fate of the world’s most precious natural resources must come to an end.

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