Just drill, baby!

Obama's call for expanded offshore drilling in U.S. sends a mixed message to green energy investors.

So the Obama administration has proposed to open the Atlantic coast from Delaware to northern Florida for offshore oil exploration. That’s up to 167 million acres of ocean floor.  And now that the pesky polar ice cap is melting away, the entire northern slope of Alaska can open for business, up to 130 million acres.

Heck, the administration gave Copenhagen the old college try, so I guess it was time to appeal to all of President Obama’s Tea Party followers. Time to drill, baby, drill.

The extra oil will make such a difference for America. Alaskans will get a little extra in their annual petroleum dividend check. That will come in handy for those that have to relocate their homes because of sea level rise and permafrost melt associated with global warming and greenhouse gases.

Of course, all of this American oil will help us quickly move to the green energy economy many of us have been clamoring for. I’m sure the U.S. will get right on it once we’ve drained all our offshore and onshore resources (don’t forget shale!). As my Dad always used to say: Waste not, want not! (The rallying cry may have led to the Gold family addiction to massive burritos.)

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