Baby Blues

Poor circulation at Baby Beach in Dana Point has historically led to poor water quality grades.

With April right around the corner, the official beach monitoring season is upon us. Under AB 411, all heavily visited beaches near a potential pollution source statewide must be monitored once a week from April to the end of October.  The monitoring program provides critical information to better inform the public of the potential health risks of swimming at potentially polluted beaches.

This April, families can finally return to Baby Beach in Dana Point. Due to the state budget crisis, the Orange County Health Department cut water quality monitoring at the popular enclosed beach near the Ocean Institute aquarium.  Baby Beach has long been a destination for families to take their young children to swim in the ocean without the fear of rip currents and breaking waves.  Unfortunately, since November, kids swimming at Baby Beach did so at their own risk because their parents didn’t have any water quality information. 

Considering that Baby Beach has been on the Beach Report Card’s annual beach bummer list multiple times, the cessation of the fecal bacteria monitoring program definitely put public health at risk.

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