Japanese Delicacy

The so-called apology from the owners of the Hump, posted on their website, speaks for itself:

”The charge against the restaurant is true: The Hump served whale meat to customers looking to eat what in Japan is widely served as a delicacy … We sincerely apologize. We pledge to work hard to re-earn the trust of the public and respect of our customers.”



One Response

  1. Apologies? absurd.., for a federal crime.

    Hey, now that the Hump is “closed”, what about yanking the Typhoon’s lease? The owner is the one admitting to a crime on the premises and that is grounds for kicking owner Brian Vidor out of that place. I see on the web that his original rent to SM was $3200 a month! less than for an LA condo. What a deal…..

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