Life Lessons

The governor can show he's serious about environmental change by securing funding for implementation of just approved green curricula

Gov. Schwarzenegger gave his State of the State speech yesterday. A pretty depressing topic, to be sure. However, he did rightly focus on the need to improve California’s education system. His most powerful statement asked, “Why are we spending more on prisons than education?” Why indeed.

His speech came amid the state’s bid to get hundreds of millions in federal “Race to the Top” funds to implement educational reform legislation that includes greater performance accountability. But lost in the week of state education focus was the California Board of Education’s unanimous vote to approve 76 units of multi-disciplinary environmental education curricula. The units have been completed under the auspices of state Sen. Fran Pavley’s Education and the Environment Initiative (AB 1548). The approval marks the birth of formal, public school environmental education in California.

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