Apocalypse Now

Does end of world mean the end of HtB?

As a father of three, I end up going to a lot of movies. Last weekend, I saw the world nearly destroyed in the action film “2012.” Not that I’m biased, but the highlight of the movie is definitely the annihilation of Los Angeles. As John Cusack drives a gravity-defying limo through the crumbling Westside, two Heal the Bay billboards crash violently to the ground (check out 1:33 in this trailer).

I guess if the world is coming to an end, healing the bay becomes less of a priority. Besides, after director Roland Emmerich gets done with L.A., I’m pretty sure Santa Monica Bay no longer exists post apocalypse. In the film, the Santa Monica Pier (including our aquarium!) and my neighborhood slide into the abyss of what’s left of the bay. (Tragic indeed. I can’t even imagine the fecal bacteria counts after the 10.9 quake.)

“2012” continues a brief cinematic tradition of Heal the Bay movie cameos that started with Keanu and Sandra in “Speed” (the exploding bus had a “Leave Something for Your Children to Remember You By” HtB ad), continued to the Jason Statham thriller “Cellular” (a Heal the Bay concert on the SM Pier is prominent) and now culminates in the End of the World in “2012.”

Great to get the publicity. Movies definitely bring out the text messages from all over the country and beyond. Just once, I’d like to see something positive happen with Heal the Bay in a film. It is sort of fun to get blown up or destroyed, but the occasional ocean protection message would be cool too.


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  1. Excellent blogpost, amazing looking blog, added it to my favorites!

  2. You forgot to mention Jason Segel standing naked in front of a Heal the Bay sticker on the fridge in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

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