Fumbling on the Environment

Butting heads over CEQA

Butting heads over CEQA

I grew up a diehard Rams fan.  I suffered through the 14-7 “Mud Bowl” NFC championship loss to the Vikings at the Coliseum in 1977.  My recall of the Steelers’ John Stallworth grabbing a reception by pinning the football to his helmet is as vivid as my memory of today’s breakfast.  Be it Jack Youngblood playing with a broken leg or Harold Jackson streaking long for a TD pass, I lived and died with my beloved Rams. At least until owner Georgia Frontiere broke my heart by moving the team to St. Louis.

I am a football fan.  Not a fantasy league geek kind of fan, but the kind that follows the NFL closely, watches ESPN’s “SportsCenter” daily, and catches at least part of a game or two a week.  I want football back in Los Angeles.  It is comical that little Jacksonville has a team and the nation’s second largest city has none.

But that does not mean that I support waiving compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act to get it done.

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