I Give Up!

What's Evian spelled backwards?

What's Evian spelled backwards?

Heal the Bay has spent years fighting the environmental scourge of marine debris. We’ve organized thousands of beach and river cleanups and we led the fight for the California Ocean Protection Council’s Marine Debris Action Plan.  In addition, we’ve fought for bans on Styrofoam and plastic bags and we came up with a flotilla of bills tackling marine debris.  All of this effort was in response to the environmental consequences of our addiction to single-use plastic packaging.

Now that I’ve seen the incredible roller-skating, rapping baby ad for Evian water, I’ve reconsidered Heal the Bay’s position.  Clearly, flying over French water in petrochemical plastic packages makes people feel young again.  Climate change be damned.  Those babies are so darned cute and boy can they skate!

Besides, clean water equals improved health. Drinking water from the tap couldn’t possibly provide us with the youthful vigor of Evian despite the fact that it is just as clean and costs over a thousand times less per ounce.  I’ve never seen LADWP with smiling, skating baby ads, so L.A.’s water must not be as healthful.

For those that are moved to purchase Evian at the exorbitant economic and environmental cost, just remember what Evian spells in reverse.  And after that, please do what you can to get your local governments to stop wasting our tax dollars on bottled water.  Also, please support AB 925, the “Leash the Lid” bill that requires all plastic bottled beverages to attach screw top lids to the bottle by 2012.


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