Trumping Public Health

Trump has a mess on his hands in Baja

Trump has a mess on his hands in Baja

The Los Angeles Times today examines the failed Trump Ocean Resort in Baja, just below Tijuana. The failure of the massive 525-unit vacation home complex has cost investors millions.

The controversy over the use and abuse of Donald Trump’s “good name” has become the focus of the high-profile collapse. But what hasn’t been mentioned prominently is the potential public health disaster that looms over the project.The ill-fated resort is located on top of a gully of sewage that discharges to the beach in front of the proposed luxury homes. Not a little bit of sewage, but over 30 million gallons per day from the antiquated and overtaxed San Antonio sewage treatment plant in the hills above Trump Baja.

I hope all the investors get their money back, but for the sake of their physical well-being maybe it’s best that the white elephant never got built.

Regional environmental group WiLDCOAST had hoped that that the power of  The Donald would have led to the long-overdue sewage treatment plant expansion and the elimination of onshore discharge.

Instead, the coast continues to get polluted and Trump and the owners have demonstrated that they would be fired on the first episode of “The Apprentice.”


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  1. For all you Spanish-speakers: check out this video on the TJ River:

    Video: Contaminación en el Río de Tijuana

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