Sending the Wrong Message

countybottleSure it’s embarrassing news that L.A. County actually pays someone to print and place customized labels on bottled water used by supervisors at their meetings.

But there’s a much bigger issue at stake.

In a time of increasing water and money scarcity, shouldn’t the supes ban bottled water throughout county government completely? It is a waste of tax-payer dollars. It produces non-degradable plastic waste. And it is a slap in the face to all of the local water suppliers like DWP and Met.

Why don’t the supes bring personalized aluminum water bottles? Or better yet, drink prominently labeled water from their local providers? One day they could drink DWP water and the next they could imbibe the finest offerings from the Water Replenishment District. That would send the message that our local water supply is safe and can quench a thirst like the best sources in the world, from the Alps to the South Pacific.

Just as important, why not send a strong message about breaking our addiction to single-use plastic packaging and putting a dent into our global marine-debris crisis?

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