This Story Has Legs, er, Arms …


The "culprit." Image: Nick Fash/Heal the Bay.

The pressure to blog on Heal the Bay’s biggest star is overwhelming.  I spend way too many hours each week blabbing on about TMDLs, toxicity levels, water recycling, you name it, in a bid to engage jaded and overwhelmed members of the media. But the public has spoken – they love critters.

Because the eight-armed vandal nearly destroyed our aquarium, she’s a national celebrity. Her story was the most widely emailed-item on the L.A. Times website this morning, and journalists at the Guardian and other European newspapers have written about her dislodging some of the valves at Heal the Bay’s Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and flooding the joint. She’s on NPR, CNN and Fox and all the local TV newscasts.  And what does she have to say for herself?  Nothing.  Our lovable brat isn’t even conducting interviews.  Maybe A-Rod could learn something from her behavior.

What we really need is someone to adopt the glass-sucking cephalopod under our Aquadoption program.

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