Please Pull the Plug…

epavideogame_1I guess Heal the Bay has been going after beach pollution in the wrong way over the last 20 years.  We’ve tackled the problem by authoring numerous statewide beach pollution bills, working with state Sen. Fran Pavley and the Davis and Schwarzenegger administrations to create and fund the Clean Beach Initiative to clean up California’s most polluted beaches, advocating for beach bacteria Total Maximum Daily Loads, and consistently upgrading our Beach Report Card.

But I guess the EPA under the Bush administration had the solution to beach pollution the entire time. Check out

I’m not making it up.  The EPA has a computer game where a backwards cap-wearing turtle shoots giant pathogens with a laser.  The pathogens come from a beach strewn with dirty diapers as the poo source.  After you beat a level, the screen says “Complete.” I was bummed after playing. I was expecting a salutary “Mission Accomplished!”  I suck at video games, so I only got to the second level where pathogens miraculously emerge from trucks dumping motor oil in the ocean. I’m unclear on the science behind oil being a source of fecal matter.

Now that Bush is gone, can President Obama and EPA officials please come up with a better way to stop beach pollution? Call me old fashioned, but I think using science, education and engineering to abate pollution works better than laser-toting reptiles.

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3 Responses

  1. the beach has lost its fun

  2. “You can still have fun at the beach, even if you can’t go into the water.”

    Fun dodging needles and other junk that has washed up from the ocean.

  3. Yeah, but um, laser turtles are awesome!

    Seriously though, I really hope the EPA actually starts doing something useful for a change.

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