Time to Rally

Make the call

Make the calls

The plastics industry’s pressure and the chaos that passes for the California legislature is making passage of AB 2058 an uphill battle. The deadline to get the bag bill out of the Appropriations Committee has come and gone, but there is still a chance to resuscitate the bill from the dreaded state of suspended animation called “suspense”.

Pull out all the sports clichés. We are in the home stretch in the bottom of the ninth and we just passed the two-minute warning. To pull this off, everyone needs to pitch in.

Bottom line, if Senate Pro Tem Perata and Senate Pro Tem-Elect Steinberg make AB 2058 a priority, then the bill has a chance. With the budget crisis pressure rising every day, the Senate leadership is less inclined to put the effort to save the bill, clean up neighborhoods, and protect the coast.

Readers – please make the calls to senator Perata’s and Steinberg’s offices along with Assembly Speaker Bass. They need to hear from you that stopping the urban and ocean blight from plastic bags is an urgent priority. Every major environmental group in the state supports the bill. LA County and the City of LA support the bill. We need your help to match the efforts of China, Seattle, Ireland, much of Africa and beyond. Please make the calls and make them today. We can’t let the polluters get away with this.

Senate Pro Tem Don Perata:

Senate Pro Tem-Elect Darrell Steinberg:

Assembly Speaker Karen Bass:

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3 Responses

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  2. Hi I’ve posted the call to arms up on my blog (http://www.plasticisrubbish.wordpress.com). As I live in England its all I can do but I read your blog with pleasure. Good luck.


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