Coast for $ale

Obama now supports expanded oil drilling

Obama is now open to limited off shore drilling

Once again, Congressional leaders have demonstrated that they will do anything for a vote. The latest demonstration was provided by the “Gang of Ten” senators that came up with a “compromise” energy policy that compromises the environment.

The proposal includes a lot of good stuff, such as huge investments in renewable energy, conservation and alternative fuels, but it calls for expanding offshore oil leases in the Gulf off of Florida, new investments in nuclear power (radioactive waste storage TBD . . . again), and the “green” coal conversion to liquid fuels (Who needs mountain tops? They just block the view of the power plants).

Thanks to failed foreign policy, unbridled oil company profits, greater global demand, and a lack of a forward-thinking energy policy, we’re stuck with gas at over $4 bucks a gallon. The oil industry – with the politicians in their pocket — has successfully shifted the argument so that offshore drilling is back on the table, even though projected supplies for Alaska, California and Florida will last only about 2.5 years after taking 7 to 10 years to reach the pump and will have NO impact on current prices.

The cost of gasoline has become such a hot-button issue that even Obama is supporting a “compromise” package, while McCain’s greenhouse gas holiday proposal has already become the stuff of legend.

Pandering to the public during the crisis du jour is as much the American pastime as weiners and watching the Cubs come up short. However, postponing the inevitable switch from a petroleum-based economy to an alternative and renewable energy-based system, comes at the prohibitive cost of public and environmental health. That is one compromise not worth making, even during the most important election year of our lives.

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