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Signal Hill is leading charge to weaken water regulations.

Signal Hill is leading the charge to weaken water regulations.

A major court decision was handed down by an Orange County state Superior Court Judge on July 2 that could have a range of impacts on efforts to address water pollution in LA County. (More in the L.A. Times and Daily Breeze.)

The California State Water Board issued the following far-reaching interpretation of the judge’s order, “This injunction prohibits the approval of Notices of Intent (NOIs) in the Los Angeles Region under the Statewide National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Construction, Small Linear Utility, and Industrial Storm Water General Permits.”

NRDC, on behalf of Heal the Bay and the Santa Monica Baykeeper, will fight the order and a motion to amend the decision was filed on Friday, July 18th. We believe the order is inconsistent with state and federal environmental law and are working hard to ensure that the environmental protection provided by the Clean Water Act is not affected or interrupted in Southern California.

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  1. Where do I sign the petition?

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